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7 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Durgesh Thapa

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You may never tire of reading about him, still, there is always room for more to read about Durgesh Thapa. We know you love him, and that’s why we are giving you still more to read about him: 7 lesser-known facts about him we bet you never heard of.

When we start to talk about the pop singer in Nepal, the first name comes to our mind is Durgesh Thapa. I think it has been general thinking because Durgesh Thapa is so popular among the fans.

You may have listened to all of his songs but you may not have known some interesting thing/facts about him. Here in this, we are trying to bring some of the interesting facts about Durgesh Thapa.

  • He was born in India.

Perhaps many fans like you may have thought that he was born in Nepal, but he was not. Durgesh Thapa was born in Sikkim, India.

Oho India? Yes

The main reason behind his birth in India was due to his father’s job. Durgesh’s father was working as the Indian Army at that time. That’s why he was born in India. That’s it.

  • His home district is Baglung.

Many of the fans don’t care about celebrities home. But it would be nice to know about your idols. If you did not know Durgesh Thapa’s home district before this time, I think you knew today that Baglung is his home district.

Baglung Map

  • Once he worked in the dance bar. 

Durgesh Thapa Interview with Sajha Entertainment
Photo: youtube.com/watch?v=ZlV021mRMgw

Many fans may have believed that Durgesh Thapa achieved today’s status easily but it was not the easy path. He had to work in many dance bars in Kathmandu as the dancer before being famous in Nepal.

Talking to Sajha Entertainment YouTube channel, he revealed that he worked in many dance bars in Nepal.

You can watch on the video below about his situation in Kathmandu in the earlier time.

  • Who is Durgesh Thapa’s GodFather?

You may know the meaning of GodFather. It is non-other than an influential person in the career.

Then who may be the Durgesh Thapa’s GodFather?

Basanta Thapa is the GodFather of Durgesh Thapa. How Basanta Thapa helped was very interesting. Basanta Thapa encouraged him to take the dancing class and even he introduced Durgesh to Krishna films to practice more of dancing to enhance his dancing skills even more. After that Basanta Thapa gave him a break in modeling field and finally, he debuted as a model on a music video ‘Jun Le Matra Dekhchha’ by Basanta Thapa and Bishnu Majhi.

Watch Hamle Maya Layeko Jun le Matra Dekchchha:

  • Who is his dance teacher?

You know how well Durgesh Thapa performs the dance on stage and on songs. But without the guidance of teacher/trainer, it is impossible to anyone. For Durgesh too, he was taught by someone.

Who may be that dance teacher/trainer to taught Durgesh Thapa?

He is Shankar BC who taught Durgesh Thapa dancing.

  • He appeared in more than 4000+ Nepali music videos.

For Nepali model, appearing in more than 500+ songs is the great milestone in the life. Such a milestone is got by few models in Nepal and Durgesh Thapa did what a few models can do in Nepali music industry.

So it is the great achievement of Durgesh Thapa.

  • He is a philanthropy (परोपकारी) singer and model in Nepal.

Durgesh Thapa Donates Nrs. 50,000
Photo: youtube.com/watch?v=MU6DmJQTCFk

We have seen many celebrities spending heavily on other things(Mojmasti). But in the case of Durgesh Thapa, he is different. He has been participating in philanthropy.

Recently he has donated Nrs. 50, 000/- to help for the education of the civil war victim children.

We think it is the great job done by Durgesh Thapa.

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