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Did Priyanka Karki make entry into Nepali movie (Kollywood) industry easily? Didn’t she encounter any obstacles before entering into this industry? We have we tried to explore all of her biography and obstacles faced. It seems that it was not an easy entry for her and didn’t get such famous status without sacrificing very important things in life. Although she was one of the famous people in Nepalese community before making her entry into this industry, she definitely has her own story.

Priyanka Karki Biography:

Priyanka Karki is one of the popular Nepali actress, model, former Miss Teen Nepal, VJ, aspiring singer, and dancer. She was born in Kathmandu to parents Bhupendra Karki and Raksha Malhotra Karki. She has a younger brother Pranit Karki.

priyanka karki biography

Priyanka Karki’s early life and education:

Priyanka Karki was born on 27th February 1987 in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

She completed her schooling from Kathmandu. After SLC, she did A Level from Rato Bangala School. Priyanka moved to the USA for further study and joined the University of North Alabama. She holds the bachelor degree in Film Making. After finishing her study, she returns to Kathmandu in 2011.

Priyanka Karki crowned the Miss Teen Nepal in 2005. In 2006, She joined in Kantipur Television and debuted as VJ in a show named “celluloid”. Right after, she started her own fashion and lifestyle program called “The GRAM FACTOR”. She had participated the Miss International UNA beauty pageant at her University, University of North Alabama, and She was reached up to the level of top 5, in 2007. Her story has been covered by Nepal’s some of the best youth and female focus magazines such as Wave Magazine, Nari, Vivacity Magazine, ECS Living, WOW, Yuwa Munch, Folio and Saptahik  etc.

Priyanka Karki Married and Divorced

Priyanka Karki married to Rochak Mainali but their married life didn’t stay for a long time. They divorced 2 years after getting married. While studying in the USA, Priyanka Karki met her neighbor Rochak Mainali. In the USA, they fell in love with each other and after completing graduation, she married to Mainali at the age of 22. As the time passes, their married life didn’t stay as expected. Priyanka wanted to work in full time in Kollywood industry but her husband was opposed to Priyanka Karki. So there was a conflict between them and finally, they divorced. So only after 2 years of married life, Priyanka Karki divorced Rochak to dedicate herself entirely to the Kollywood industry.Their divorce was quite predictable as the character of Priyanka and Rochak did not match.

Priyanka Karki’s journey to becoming popular Nepali actress:

Karki’s entry in glamourous was started in 2005 when she crowned miss teen. It was the moment that had inspired her to become Nepal’s one of the stars now.

After completing her bachelor degree from the University of North Alabama, she returned Nepal in 2011. Then in 2012, Priyanka debuted in Nepali movie industry with 3 Lovers movie from which she won the OFA Award for Popular Debutant Actress. In 2013, she appeared in 4 Nepali movies such as Kollywood, Vigilante, Karkash (Special appearance) and Nepathya. But all of those movies didn’t succeed as it was expected. Although she was nominated as the best Actress for National Film Awards 2013 for Kollywood. 

Despite a tough year in 2013, she did her best in 2014. So 2014 can be considered as one of the turning years for Priyanka Karki as she delivered the best movies such as Jholay and Nai Nabhannu La 2. 

From Nai Nabhannu La 2, she won four awards such as OFA Popular Awards Best Actress 2071, NEFTA Best Actor in a Supporting Role Female, INFA Best Actor in a Supporting Role Female and D Cine Awards Best Actor in a Supporting Role Female. Similarly, from Jholay, she won INFA Popular Awards Best Actor.

Karki played opposite to Dayahang Rai in Jholay, where she played the character of a prostitute. Jholay crossed gross collection over 10 million at the box office. Her next big release was Nai Nabannu La 2 opposite Suraj Singh Thakuri; Nai Na Bhannu La 2 was declared the biggest blockbuster of 2017, gross collection over 40 million.

Karki’s performances in Jholay and Nai Na Bhannu La 2 earned her the Online Filmykhabar Award as Best Actress 2017, NETFA award for Best Actor in a supporting role (Female), INFA award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female) and INFA Most Popular Actor (Female).

Karki’s next release Aawaran did not perform similarly to the previous movies at the box office. Although not a commercial success, this movie launched Karki as a singer in the Nepalese music industry. Karki went on to sing the OST of Aawaran in collaboration with Yama Buddha.

Karki’s Suntali was selected to premiere at the 19th Busan International Film Festival under the category ‘A Window on Asian Cinema’, on the fifth day of the festival. Suntali was released in February 2015 and although not a success commercially, won the Best Actor (Female) at the National Film Critics Award (NFCA) and the NFDC National Film Awards 2017.

In 2015, Karki starred in the horror/thriller film Mala, as Mala, a widow, with long black hair and a white saree who is seen throughout the film but speaks only one word. At the recent NFDC National Film Awards 2017, the Jury award was conferred to director Sudip Singh Bhusal for Mala.[citation needed] Karki featured on the song “Surke Thaili Khai” that went on to become the first Nepali song to reach 20 million views on Youtube.

In 2016, Karki appeared as ‘Ani’ in the fourth installment of the Nai NaBhannu La series. Nai Na bhannu La 4 grossed over 20 million in its first week of release. Soon after, Karki portrayed a female detective opposite Keki Adhikari in the comedy movie How Funny.

Karki was then seen opposite Deepak Raj Giri in Deepashree Niraula’s directorial debut Chakka Panja. Chakka Panja completed 100 days in the theaters and was the biggest blockbuster of the year 2016 grossing over 240 million Karki then co-starred with Dayahang Rai in Rambabu Gurung’s Purano Dunga Karki’s releases in 2017 were Chakka Panja 2 and Fateko Jutta.

Priyanka Karki’s Movies:

Priyanka Karki is one of the successful actress making the great impression in Nepali movie industry in a short period of time. It took just two years to establish for her as one of the most demanding actress in Nepal. She has appeared over a dozen of Nepali movies which are as follows:

2012 – 3 Lovers

2013 – Kollywood, Vigilante 3D, Karkash and Nepathya

2014 – Jholay, Nai Nabhannu La 2, Mero Best Friend, Hasiya Item song, Punte Parade and Shree Paanch Ambare

2015 – Suntali, Mala, Sadanga, Mission Paisa 2 – Reloaded, Nai na Bhannu la 3, Woda Number 6, Lootera and Kabaddi Kabaddi

2016 – Fanko, Classic, How Funny, Nai na bhannu la 4, Chhakka Panja, Purano Dunga

2017 – Radhe, Laltin, Chakka Panja 2, Fateko Jutta, Bir Bikram 2

Awards and Nominations of Priyanka Karki:

Awards make any actor/actress so encouraged. In case of Priyanka Karki, she has been nominated and awarded by many popular wards. She got many awards from Nai Nabhanu La 2, 3 and Jholay and etc.

Here’s the list of awards and nomination of Priyanka karki:

2012 – 3 Lovers: Online Filmykhabar Awards/OFA: Popular Debut Actor (Female): Won

2013 – Kollywood: NFDC National FIlm Awards: Best Actor (Female): Nominated

2014 – Jholay: Online FIlmykhabar Awards/OFA: Popular awards Best Actor (Female): Won

2014 – Jholay: INFA Awards: Popular Awards Best Actor (Female): Won

2014 – Jholay: NEFTA Awards: Popular Awards Best Actor (Female): Nominated

2014 – Jholay: D Cine Awards: Best Actor (Female): Nominated

2014 – Jholay: NFDC National Film Awards: Best Actor (Female): Nominated

2014 – Jholay: CG KAMANA FILM Awards: Best Actor (Female): Nominated

2014 – Na Bhannu La 2: Online FIlmykhabar Awards/OFA: Popular awards Best Actor (Female): Won

2015 – Fimykhabar Samman: Won

2015 – Suntali: FICSON Critics Choice awards: Best Actor (Female): Won

2015 – Suntali: NFDC awards: Bhuwan Best actor (female): Won

2015 – Nai Na Bhannu la 3, Mala, Suntali: NEFTA awards: Popular actor(Female): Won

2015 – Suntali: D Cine Awards: Best Actor(Female): Won

2015 – Suntali: D Cine Awards: Best Actor (Female): Nomiated

2015 – Na Bhannu La 3: NEFTA awards : Best Actor (Female): Nominated

2016 – Lootera: D Cine Awards 2016: Best Performance in a song: Won

2016 – Woda no. 6: D Cine Awards: Best Actor (Female): Nominated

2016 – Woda no 6: NFDC National Film Awards 2016: Best Negative Actor: Nominated

2016 – Woda no 6: LG Film Awards: Best Actor (Female): Nominated

2016 – Chakka Panja: D Cine Awards 2017: Best Actor (Female): Won

2016 – Chakka Panja: NFDC National Film Awards: Best Actor (Female): Won

2016 – Chakka Panja: LG Film Awards: Popular actor (Female): Won

2016 – Chakka Panja: INAS Film Awards: Best actress: Won

Priyanka Karki’s Boyfriend

It was assumed that Priyanka Karki fell in love with Dayahang Rai as she frequently expresses him the special man. But later we had to understand that it was only stunned to get media attention.

Now she is in love with Ayushman Desraj Shrestha Joshi

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