Sunil Pande directed short movie received award in russia

Ananta Yatra Received Russian Award

Sunil Pande directed and written shot movie ‘Ananta Yatra’ has received the award in Russia.   In the ‘video art festival’ organized in moscow, this shot movie has received from the ‘now and after’ category.  Pande revealed that the movie was dedicated to his grandmother who recently passed way. The movie had received many different […]

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Khagendra Lamichhane

Nepal’s Aamir Khan? Why doesn’t Khagendra Lamichhane Attend Award functions

Khagendra Lamichhan is very excited now due to his starring movie ‘Damaruko Dandibiyo (डमरुको डन्डिबियो)‘ which is set to be released from 21th Baishakh 2075. He has said that the spectators will find him in a different role. Lamichhane was excited while the director Chhetan Gurung came to him about the story related to Dandibiyo (डन्डिबियो). […]

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