All Time Popular Songs of Durgesh Thapa

Durgesh Thapa’s All Time Popular Songs with Over 1+ Million Views

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Durgesh Thapa has been one of the familiar names in the music industry. The young generation has been so crazy to Durgesh Thapa. It was his continuous effort in this filed. One of the best thing about Durgesh Thapa is that majority of the songs he sang have got tremendous views on YouTube. And many of his songs have got millions of views.

About Durgesh Thapa

Durgesh Thapa was born on 22 May 1990 in Sikkim, India to father, Hem Bahadur Thapa, and mother, Pabitra Kumari Thapa. Durgesh was born in India because his father was working for the Indian Army and was crucial to be there. He has 3 siblings one brother, Raju Thapa, and two sisters, Saraswoti Thapa and Anu Thapa. Durgesh was only 5 years old before he shifted back to Nepal to begin his education. Furthermore, he did his education and schooling at Shree Janahit Ma Vi in Malma, Baglung till 8th grade and then shifted to India and continued further education. In contrast for further education, he did SLC in India, then moved back home in Baglung. After some time popular Nepali singer Basanta Thapa convinced him to follow him to go to Kathmandu to join for further education and make his career in musical fields. Durges came to Kathmandu…[Source: LikeNepal]

Here’s in this, you will find some of the songs that have got millions of views.

    • Rato Rato Khursani Piro Chha || रातो रातो खुर्सानी || (2.7 Million views)

Song:- Rato rato Khursani Piro Chha

Lyrics/Music/Vocal:- Durgesh Thapa
Director/Editor:- Kranti K.C
Cinematographer:- Arjun Tiwari
Artists:- Durgesh Thapa/Ranju Silwal
Post Production:- Dacon Picture

Rato Rato Khursani Piro Chha || रातो रातो खुर्सानी || is one of the popular pop songs of Durgesh Thapa and it has got over 2.7+ million views on YouTube.

    • Ki Durgesh Rail Ma ki Durgesh Jail Ma (2.5 Million views)

Song:- Ki Durgesh Rail Ma ki Durgesh Jail Ma

Vocal/Lyrics/Music:- durgesh thapa
Director:- kranti k.c.
Cinematographer:- arjun tiwari
Editor:- kranti k.c.
Model:- Durgesh Thapa/Rima Bishwakarma/Prem Chand Thakuri
Post Production:- Dacon picture

Ki Durgesh Rail Ma ki Durgesh Jail Ma is another popular pop songs of Durgesh Thapa and it has got over 2.5+ million(25+ lakh) views on YouTube.

    • Baby Doll (2.2 Million views)

Song:- Baby Doll

Lyrics/Music : Suresh Rana
Vocal : Suresh Rana
Raper : MR RJ
Director : Bikram Chauhan
Cinematographer : Bashu baral
Editor : Milan B.K
Artists : Durgesh Thapa ,Sarmila Kharel,Suman

Baby Doll is Durgesh Thapa’s another hit pop songs and it has got over 2.2+ million(22+ lakh) views on YouTube.

    • Bal Matlab || बाल मतलब || (1.9 Million views)

Durgesh Thapa Presents Bal Matlab

Vocal:- Durgesh Thapa
Lyrics/Music:- Rajendhar Bhatt
Director:- Kranti K.C
Cinematographer:- Gyanendra Sharma
Editor:- Kranti K.C
Artists: -Durgesh, Losina
Post Production:- Dacon Picture

Bal Matlab (बाल मतलब) is Durgesh Thapa’s another hit pop songs and it has got over 1.9+ million(19+ lakh) views on YouTube.

    • Relma Jelma – 2 || रेलमा जेलमा २ || (1.4 Million views)

Durgesh Thapa Presents: -Relma Jelma 2

Lyrics/Vocal/Music:- Durgesh Thapa
Director:- Kranti K.C
Editor:- Kranti K.C
Camera – Arjun Tiwari
Artists:- Durgesh Thapa/Jeevan Sahani/Rama Thamaliya/Nisha Bohora
Rapper – Mr. Rj
Post Production:- Dacon Picture

Relma Jelma – 2 is Durgesh Thapa’s another popular pop songs and it has got over 1.4+ million(14+ lakh) views on YouTube.

    • Mero Dil Chornelaai || मेरो दिल चोर्नेलाई मुद्दा हाल्दिन्छु || (2.3 Million views)

Song – यो ज्यान फाल्दिन छु, मेरो दिल चोर्नेलाई मुद्दा हालदिन्छु

Singer – Durgesh Thapa
Lyrics/ Music – Durgesh Thapa
Director – Prasanna Paudel
Camera Parson – Bidur Pande
Editor – Tekendra Shah
Acting – Durgesh/ Sampada/ Binod Mandhar and others
Album – Mudda Haldinchhu ||मुद्दा हालदिन्छु

This is another song by Durgesh Thapa and it has got over 2.3+ million(23+ lakh) views on YouTube.

    • Keti Jiskaune Bani || केटी जिस्क्याउने बानी || (1.2 Million views)

Song: Keti Jiskyaaune Baani केटी जिस्क्याउने बानी 

Vocal : Durgesh Thapa
Lyrics : Durgesh Thapa
Music : Durgesh Thapa
Album : केटी जिस्क्याउने बानी

Keti Jiskyaaune Baani is another hit song by Durgesh Thapa and it has got over 1.2+ million(12+ lakh) views on YouTube.

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