Who Leaked Pari Tapang's Video

Here’s Scenarios: Who Leaked Pari Tamang’s Video


One thing is clear that nobody wants their sex video would be leaked. But despite making it so private, some video goes on the public. Pari Tamang’s situation is the similar one. She kept it secret but it went to the public. It happens due to own blunder mistake and other factors are secondary.

Who Leaked Pari Tapang's Video

Why we are focusing own mistake is that such a video should not be recorded. The recording action is their own. Because anytime time sooner or later, there is the higher possibility of going such videos online and that happened to Pari Tamang.

Many people did not know about her video unless she appeared on YouTube channel crying and appealing to Nepal police to help her and catch the one who leaked the video. We believe Nepal police is doing their own job to find out the one who leaked the video.

It is still unknown about the person who leaked the video.

We have analyzed the situation and try to guess who leaked the video. But we are not 100% sure and would like to consider our analysis as the reference in a legal case. It is just the guess.

Who leaked Pari Tamang’s video?

  • One who unlocked her mobile

Speaking to Action Films YouTube channel, she had said that her mobile was locked. And she had given the mobile to someone to unlock. It seems that person must be responsible to leak the video. Because after unlocking the mobile, that person can get access the videos.

We think there is over 90% probability that who unlocked the mobile leaked the video. 

  • Her Boyfriend may have leaked

Another scenario is that her boyfriend may have leaked the video. But this scenario is about 1%. Because nobody wants their video goes online whether boys or girls.

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