Niruta Sing in Nepal

Here’s Why Niruta Singh Arrived in Nepal

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Once upon a time, Niruta Singh was Nepal no. 1 actress and used to earn money as much as Nepali actors. But the arrival of new actress made her less valuable for producers. And now she lives in Mumbai. Despite living in Mumbai, she has been unable to make the entry in Bollywood industry. Although she holds the Indian passport.Niruta Sing in Nepal

Now Niruta Sing has arrived in Nepal. Her arrival is not to involve in Nepali movies but to perform in the grand event. She has come to attend the award ceremony in Nepal. Her special presentation will be presented in the ‘NFDC National Film Award’ organized on Baishaka 13th 2075.

She has been repeating that if there is a suitable story, she wants to return to the movie. This time, if a producer offers such a story to Nirutha Singh, she can work.

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