Rekha Thapa and Kamala Oli for Malika

Kamala Oli is Hero of Malika, Nepali Film – Rekha Thapa

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The shooting of Malika Nepali film has been started from today 24th Baishakh 2075 from the Guheshwori Temple in Kathmandu.Rekha Thapa and Kamala Oli for Malika

The Malika film’s shooting is expected to finish within 40 days. The film will be shooting in Kohalpoor, Karnali and Terai regions. The film is based on the social issues such as child marriage, Drwory system,

The 5th film of Rekha Films, Kamala Oli from Jajarkot is playing a leading role. “In this movie, Kamala is hero”, she said. “Daughter’s eye reflects the nation, so I am going to make the movies with the lady”.

The film is expected to release from 21th Kartik 20075.

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