Karishma Manandhar Passes Class 9

Karishma Manadhar Passsed Class 9, at What Division?


Nepali actress Karishma Manandhar has passed classs 9 to reach class 10. She is studying at Tribeni School in Maitidebi, Kathmandu.Karishma Manandhar Passes Class 9

Speaking to media, she said that the result was more than expected. “There was no doubt about to pass class 9 but it was very eager about the marks. Anyway, marks were better than expected “, she said. But she denies saying about division.

“For me, it was challenging, but finally I am happy to climb the class”, she express her happy. “Now i will attnend SEE next year and will do hard work”. She is thinking to take the extra course for class 10.

Karishma Manadhar made her entry into Kollywood industry(Nepali film industry), leaving the school study. And now she is back to study which she left 30 years ago.

Not only study, she involvs in politics and Nepali film industry. But her main focus has been on the study now. She always tries to attend daily in school and she does not hesitate to ask anything that she does not know to her friends who are younger than her daughter.

“The first boy of my class teaches me some difficult lessons”, she said.

Karishma Manadhar had passed district level class 8 last year and exam center was at Galaxy school. It was a difficult moment for her to attent final exam due to the new school.

“My tears was dropping from my eye at the first day of that exam”, she said.

Anyway, finally, we also want to congratulate her for such success.

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