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Keki Adhikari to Marry in Baishakh after Kohalpoor Express Released !

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It seems that Baishakh month of 2075 has been Keki Adhikari’s month. It was due to the release of her movie Kohalpoor Express.

If you have not still watched the movie trailer, please watch once more:

We know Kohalpoor Express will be released from the Baishakh 14th. And it is expected to do good business in Nepal and abroad form this movie.

Besides Kohalpoor Express, Media is gaining attention on Keki Adhikari’s other special grand plan. It is non-other than her marriage. Reporters Nepal has brought the news from the unnamed source. She is believed to be in a relationship from the last five year and is expected to marry in Baishakh.

But we can’t guarantee whether the news about her marriage is true or not. It may be only for publicity matter…


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