Yatra - A Musical Vlog

Keshab Bhattrai Announced his New Movie ‘Yatra – A Musical Vlog(यात्रा – अ म्युजिकल भ्लग)’

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Samrat Shakya direction and written Nepali movie ‘Yatra – A Musical Vlog’ has been announced. It will be the story of a new generation who uploads the videos on social media. Nepali Movie ‘A Mero Hajur 2’, debuted actor Salin Man Bania will be in the lead role. Along with him, Salon Basnet will be featuring in the movie.

Yatra - A Musical Vlog

In a Film along with Salin and Salon, other artists, Riyar Rai, Prexa Bajracharya, Malika Mahat, Vishal Katuwal, Dhiren Shakya, Rajaram Poudel, Yogeshjung Kunwar, will be the featuring. In the movie, our neighbor country’s Jun Jhyang and Kenya’s Bobi will make their debut.

Vaishakh 25 Gatebat Chasen kanma hai khemma chhamme ni china china ka jan jiya jung ra kenyaaka bobile debuhe gardache.

The movie is expected to finish the shooting within the 45 days schedule and before completing the shooting, producer unit has set the release date. Ashoj 5th 2075 date has been set for the targeted released date.

In a Program, Salon Basnet said that he will be starring due to the good script. Similarly, debut director, Samrat Shakya said he tries his best effort.

Producer Keshav Bhattarai promises the film will be good.

Producing under the Kotaki Kalika Deviko Banner, Mukti Timalsina, Madhu Chhetri, Dharmaraj Adhikari will be investing in the movie.

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