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Kohalpoor Express Review: How good is It? Here’s complete review

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On April 27, 2018
Last modified:April 27, 2018


Keki Adhikari producer 'Kohalpoor Express' is the comedy movie....

Keki Adhikari producer Nepali movie ‘Kohalpoor Express’ has been released from today 14th Baishakh 2075 all over Nepal. From its official trailer, you may have guessed this movie as one of the comedy movies.

After releasing today all over Nepal, we have analyzed the movie’s best part and bad part. You may be ready to go to the theater to watch this ‘Kohalpoor Express’ movie. But before going to the theater, we highly recommend you to read our review of Kohalpoor Express Nepali movie.

More details coming soon…

Watch Kohalpoor Express Oficial Trailer:

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