Lamphoo Nepali Movie Team

Lamphoo Nepali Movie Team Returns in Kathmandu

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The producer team of Lamphoo Nepali film has returned to Kathmandu from outside valley. The film team had headed to out of Kathmandu valley for publicity. Actors Kabir Khadka, Sanjit Bhandari, Aayan Khadka, director Gopal Chandra Lamichhane, Producer Shaktibaldabh Ghorashaini have returned to Kathmandu.

Lamphoo Nepali Movie Team

Kusum Shrestha, aka Tarkaliwali, has been featured in this movie and other actors are Salon Basnet, Marishka Pokhrel, Chandani Sharma.

This movie has been set to release from 28th Baishakh.

Watch Lamphoo Nepali Movie Trailer:

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