Mithun Hamal and Aarohi Singh

Mithun Himal and Aarohi Singh to Romance in Prembani


The making and release of films related to love in the past are increasing. Following the latest trend, there is another movie ‘Prembani(प्रेमवाणी)’ has been announced. Film and artists of the film were made public in a program in the capital on Thursday 19th April 2018.Mithun Hamal and Aarohi Singh

The director of the film, Rabin Mall, told that the film will flow the love message. “The name of the movie is Prembani. Therefore, this movie will talk about love and will flow the viewer of love”. He said, adding that there will be a love story and will be musical love too”

Producer Shahi Shahi said that he liked the story because of the film love story between the couple. “The film will cover the timing of the present generation,” he said.

In the film, Mithun Hamal and Aarohi Singh’s couple will make romance. And Sushil Shahi, Santosh Acharya, Roshan Bisi will be performed as well. The film will go to the floor for from Baisakh 20th.

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