Aakash Adhikari

Nepal Film Producers Association is Ready for Movement, Here’s Why?

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The producers make movies but they are not getting the right stake from the movies they produce. Another surprising thing is that Nepali movies are supposed to cross the gross collection over millions of millions of rupees but the producers get a tiny amount of money from their movies which is surprising to the public.

Aakash Adhikari
Aakash Adhikari, President of Nepal Film Producers Association

To get the right solution to these problems, the producers are preparing big movement under the leadership of Nepal Film Producers Association. For this Nepal Film Producers Association has called all it’s the member on Saturday.

Aakash Adhikari, the president of the association, said “We are not revealing our action in advance. It will be possibly decided at the Saturday’s meeting” He said that the Saturday’s grand discussion is about discussion and to get the right solution faced by all of the producers in Nepal. And association will inform about the final conclusion of the grand meeting on Sunday.

Box office and share division are the main topics of the meeting. He said “We want to get the solution from the table talk. But if our demands are neglected, then the big Movement will start as soon as possible”

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