Nepal Governement to take action against anti Box Office System

Nepal Governement to take action against anti Box Office Operator


Nepal Governement to take action against anti Box Office SystemThe government has tried to launch a box office system for the commercial transparency of the movie. There was a verbal and written consent between the Movie theaters and producers. Despite three times request to implement the box office system in Nepal, the owner of movie theaters are ignoring the agreement. Ready to implement the box office e-ticket system from the first week of Baishakh, the operators have now appealed against the decision.

“From the 1st day of Shrawan, we are going to apply a full box office in the whole cinema hall. But why the dispute has been created right now? “, Said Nikita Poudel, chairman of the Film Development Board.

According to her, in the corresponding letter, within the Chaitra 2074, the movie houses must be connected to the necessary hardware accessories and Internet services for the Box Office. The Board also had requested all the multiplexes which are selling tickets via the internet, to link with the Central Server on September within Chaitra 15.

Nikita says, “But till now the API address is not given.”

The government’s statement states that one who goes against Box office system will take action against as it is to make film related business systematic and transparent. An official from the Ministry of Finance said, “Now the government does not live quietly, the government will take action against them.”

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