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About Purano Dunga Nepali Movie:

Purano Dunga is a 2016 Nepalese romantic and tragedy film directed by Ram Babu Gurung and produced by Raunak Bikram Kandel, Prakash Gurung, Om Chand Rauniyar and Dhan Bahadur Gurung in association with Cinema Arts. The film stars Dayahang Rai, and Priyanka Karki in the lead roles as lovers, with Maotse Gurung and Menuka Pradhan in the supporting roles of his brother and brother’s wife.

Movie Plot:

Purano Dunga tells the story of two Bhujel brothers – Bhakta Bahadur, the elder brother played by Maotse, makes his living by rowing his boat across Begnas Lake, while Batase, played by Dayahang, is idling away his life in the city. One day, Batas asks for his share of the family fortune wherein he asks for the boat. The story unfolds as Bhakta is forced to give up the boat to his brother and starts to struggle financially as the boat was his only livelihood. One day, a local villager buys a boat because Batase took away the village’s only boat. This angers Bhakta and he destroys the boat, and then buys an old leaky boat from the money he had saved, but, before he can repair it, the owner of the destroyed boat calls the police and they arrive and arrest him. As they leave, his wife Manu sees her husband taken away and decides to follow him on the leaky old boat despite him telling her not to. Suddenly, the boat starts sinking and she jumps into the lake; seeing this, Bhakta jumps in as well to save her but as they reach the shore his wife dies. The film closes as Batase watches his brother Bhakta as he leaves his home with his baby on his back.


  • Dayahang Rai as Batashe
  • Priyanka Karki as Chandra
  • Maotse Gurung as Bhakta Bahadur Bhujel
  • Menuka Pradhan as Manamaya/ Manu
  • Sudam Ck as Dohori Sau
  • Purnima Gurung
  • Maniram Pokhrel
  • Buddhi Tamang as Bideshi


5th NFDC Award:

  • Best Story: Ram Babu Gurung and Upendra Subba (Won)
  • Best Cinematography: Shailendra D Karki (Won)
  • Best Music: Kali Prasad Baskota (Won)
  • Best Actor In Supporting Role: Maotse Gurung (Won)
  • Best Actress in supporting role: Menuka Pradhan (Won)

Film Critics Society of Nepal (FISCON)

  • Best Actor: Maotse Gurung (Won)
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