Nepali Music Video Award

Nepali Music Video Award Ceremony to be Held in Malaysia

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The organizer, Sangyixa films, and SKS bright venture have announced to apply for the ‘Nepali Music Video Award 2018’. The second edition of this ‘Nepali Music Video Award 2018’ ceremony will be held in Malaysia. There will be 32 categories.

Nepali Music Video AwardThe award ceremony will be held at the 16th, 17th and 18th of Jun 2018. Organizer Manok KC said “It will be the medium to expand the Nepali music internationally. And we are happy to announce this award ceremony.”From the best Pop songs, Fok songs, Filmy songs etc., directors, camera person, director, model (boys), model (girls), editors etc. will be awarded.

In the award ceremony, some of the artists will be awarded ‘life time achievment award.

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