Nikita Chandak, Miss Nepal 2017 to debut in Nepali Movie,

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Nikita Chandak, Miss Nepal 2017 is about to debut in an upcoming Nepali movie. 

The movie title is ‘Rani Mahal’. Nikita Chandak’s entry was possible due to Barsh Siwakoti’s uninterested in that movie. Barsha Siwakoti was selected in that movie, but, after she left the film. The announcement of Miss Nepal 2017’s entry in the movie has come within a week of the selection of the new Miss Nepal 2018.

According to Nikita, she has already signed the agreement with the production team of ‘Rani Mahal’. The workshop of the movie is also starting in a few days. The movie was announced a while ago and was told to feature Barsha Siwakoti and Prasant Tamrakar. At the time of the actual production, both Barsha and Prasant have left the team. Now, Barsha is being replaced by Nikita and Prasant by Arjun Jung Shahi. The movie is being directed by Himal Neupane. The movie is to be made of a triangular love story.

Not exciting history of Miss Nepal in Kollywood industry:

Nikita Chandak will not be first Miss Nepal to make enty into Kollywood industry. Former Miss Nepal such as Jenisha Moktan, Ruby Rana, Malvika Subba, Malina Joshi, Sumi Khadka, Jharana Bajracharya etc. have already tried their luck in this industry but only a few of them were successful. Former Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha’s debut movie, ‘Gajalu’ was successful. The movie featured Anmol KC and his presence in the film helped Shristi in her acting career.

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