Priyanka Karki has received serious threats

Priyanka Karki has received serious threats from the name of fans

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Priyanka Karki has received the serious threats from the name of fans in a letter. Due to this, Priyanka Karki and her family members are preparing to shift to a new location.

Many unidentified people used to come to the home to meet her. One of them came frequently. Priyanka’s father requested him not to come again repeatedly. But he did not turn away.

Priyanka Karki has received serious threats

About a month ago, he brought a letter. The letter left was left to in Priyanka’s house. While the letter was opened and read, there was a warning message. Addressing Priyanka, he has written “I love you very much. However, even when I tried again and again, you did not want to meet me. Now the result will not be good.”

Reading the letter, Priyanka and her family have become worried. And her father has informed the Kamal Pokhari police and requested them to be standby.

‘I used to give the address of my home for goods/items delivery or for other purposes, but I would not have to do so,’ Priyanka said to Online Khabar. Priyanka did not want to reveal the home address that she and her family are shifting. “Now, I don’t reveal the address of my house publicly,” she said.

‘I was not reluctant to meet my fans, but this person’s intention was wrong,’ Priyanka said. “It is not fair to have fans in my house in the name of visiting.”

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