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Nepal’s Aamir Khan? Why doesn’t Khagendra Lamichhane Attend Award functions

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Khagendra Lamichhan is very excited now due to his starring movie ‘Damaruko Dandibiyo (डमरुको डन्डिबियो)‘ which is set to be released from 21th Baishakh 2075. He has said that the spectators will find him in a different role.

Lamichhane was excited while the director Chhetan Gurung came to him about the story related to Dandibiyo (डन्डिबियो). The story has been written coordinating with Dandibiyo association.

Khagendra LamichhaneIn a press meet, he explained why he appears in less movie “I would like to work in movies with our own stories. This ‘Damaruko Dandibiyo (डमरुको डन्डिबियो)’ is truly based on our own stories, so I worked with eagerness”

Many people compare Kahgendra Lamichhane as Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan for his snubbing award ceremonies. He said “I am happy while people compare me as Aamir Khan. But I think myself as one coming from the village with the dream of becoming a writer.”

In the previous movies, he played in the social story and as miserable and poor’s character but this time, he feels hopeful of playing the role of players. He expresses that he used to play Dandibiyo in his childhood but no nothing about the rule of it.

Speaking to the press, he expresses his happiness to get to work in the movie “I had no dream to work in the movie industry. But I am now happy about it.”

He also spoke about his snub for award ceremonies “I am happy to act in the movie. So I don’t attend on award ceremonies. The movie has been the bonus for me”.

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